Grocery Deals, September 21-27


Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes $0.88/lb
Strawberries 4/$5
Jumbo Cantaloupe $0.98/each
Organic Honeycrisp Apples $1.98/lb
Utah yellow peaches $0.98/lb
Bartlett, Bosc, or Red Pears $0.98/lb

Bunched Celery 2/$1
Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers $0.98/each
Sweet Onions 2lbs./$1
On-the-vine Cluster Tomatoes $0.98/lb
Hothouse Cucumbers $0.98/each
Peeled mini carrots $0.98 each
Organic Heirloom Tomatoes $1.98/lb
Organic Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes $1.98/lb

Lifeway Kefir 2/$4
Silk Almondmilk 2/$4
Brown Cow Yogurt 2/$1

Walnut halves and pieces $4.99/lb
Raw Almonds $4.99/lb
Whole Cashews $4.99/lb
Garbanzo Beans (dry) $0.99/lb
Quinoa $1.99/lb
Chia Seeds $2.99/lb

35% off Pacific Products (I love their broth and soup-no MSG!), plus you get $4 off your purchase of produce when you buy 4 products

Kettle Brand Potato Chips 2/$3
Van’s Cereal, Crackers, or Bars BOGO Free
Health Warrior Chia Bars BOGO Free
Drew’s Organic Salsa or Salad Dressing 2/$5
Alexia Frozen Potatoes 2/$6

Chuck Roasts $2.99/lb
Pork Tenderloins $2.99/lb
All Natural Chicken or Pork Sausage $2.99/lb (they have a new pumpkin spice sausage)


King Soopers

Red Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb
Seedless Mandarins 3lb. bag $3.99
Organic Gala Apples $1.99/lb
Organic Whole Carrots 2lb. bag $1.49
Organic Red or Gold Potatoes 3lb. bag $1.99
Spinach $0.99/bunch
Green Cabbage $0.49/lb
Red or Green Bartlett Pears $0.99/lb
Tuscan Cantaloupe or Personal Watermelon 2/$5
Honeycrisp Apples $1.99/lb
Eggplant $0.99/each
Grape Tomatoes $1.99/10 oz

Farmland Bacon $2.99 (Farmland makes an uncured variety. Check to see if it is included in the sale)
Boneless Pork Loin $1.88/lb
93% Lean Ground Beef $3.99/lb

Simple Truth Cage Free Eggs $1.99/dozen
Milk $2.19/gallon
Kroger Sour Cream 10/$10 (get the All-Natural variety)
Chobani or Fage Greek Yogurt cups 10/$10

Simple Truth Organic Canned Beans 10/$10
Simple Truth Organic Soup, 32 fl oz. $1.99

Larabars 10/$9

Buy 4, Save $4-Prices below reflect savings when you purchase in multiples of 4

Private Selection cheese crumbles $0.99
Private Selection salsa $1.49
Nabisco Snack Crackers (get Original Triscuits) $1.69
Sargento Snack Cheese $3.49
R.W. Knudsen Organic Juice $1.99



Petite Sirloin Steak $3.99/lb
93% Lean Ground Beef $3.99/lb
Boneless Pork Loin Roast $1.59/lb
Signature Farms Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs, or Leg Quarters $0.88/lb

Eggs 18 count $1.79
Lucerne Spreadable Butter, 8 oz. $1.99
Open Nature Yogurt $0.59

Honeycrisp Apples $1.88/lb
O Organics Mini Carrots 2/$3

O Organics Broth, 32 oz. 4/$5 (limit 4 with in-ad coupon)
O Organics Pasta Sauce 2/$4
O Organics Popcorn $1.99

Lucerne Butter $2.49 (limit 4 with in-ad coupon)
Signature Kitchens Frozen Vegetables $0.79 (Limit 4 with in-ad coupon)

Triscuits (Get the Original variety) $1.99
Balance, Cliff Trail Mix, Larabar, Chia, Zone Perfect bars 10/$10
Annie’s Mac and Cheese 10.$10
Signature Kitchens Salsa 10/$10
Chobani Flip Yogurts 10/$10
Fage Yogurt cups 10/$10
Horizon or Silk shelf stable individual sized milk 10/$10
Bumblebee Premium Tuna Pouches 10/$10
Rosarita Refried Beans (get vegetarian variety) $0.88
Ro-Tel Tomatoes $0.88

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