Meal Ideas, September 7-13


Mom’s Best or Kashi Cereal and Milk
Broccoli Spinach Frittata
Tropical Overnight Oats
Cantaloupe Coconut Lassi


Grilled Almond Butter, Dark Chocolate & Pomegranate Sandwich
Pear, Pomegranate and Spinach Salad
Tostadas with refried beans
Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

Minestrone Verte Soup
Chicken Sausage and Broccoli Zucchini Pasta with Parmesan
Pork Loin Roast with Charred Green Beans with Garlic and Pomegranate Seeds
Mexican Zucchini and Beef
Vegan Red Lentil Coconut Soup

Organic Popcorn
Salsa and Chips
Frozen Grapes


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