Buy This…Not That!

This is the first of  a new segment called “Buy This…Not That!” In an ideal world, we would make everything from scratch, but come on…this is real life! I don’t always have the time  (or the energy) to spend hours in the kitchen, so I’ve found some products that save me time, and I can feel good about feeding to my family.

This week…refried beans. I’ve made some frijoles refritos before, and really the process isn’t too hard, but it isn’t quick. I use refried beans to bulk up taco meat, fill burritos, and and top tostadas. When I need a quick meal, having a can of refried beans in the pantry comes in handy.

Refried Beans2

But take a look at the ingredients in a can of Rosarita No Fat refried beans. In addition to beans there is autolyzed yeast extract (MSG), and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. YUCK!
Refried Beans 3

Interesting enough, the vegetarian style Rosarita brand beans do not include those ingredients, so when this brand goes on sale, the only variety I will buy are the vegetarian. They still contain “natural flavor.” Who knows what that might be?
Refried Beans

A can of O Organics Refried beans is even better because it doesn’t include “natural flavor.” The only drawback is a can of organic beans can cost twice as much as conventional beans at most grocery stores.

Refried Beans 4
My favorite brand of refried beans is Trader Joe’s. At just $1.29 a can for the salsa variety, that is a pretty good deal for organic refried beans. Trader Joe’s also has traditional flavored refried beans for those who aren’t a fan of the spice.


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