How to Roast Peppers

It is Hatch Chile Season in Colorado!!! I can’t wait to make a green chile smothered burrito. When peppers are on sale, I buy a bunch of them and roast them. Roasting peppers brings out their sweetness and adds a smokiness that really enhances their flavor. You can roast any kind of pepper. The cost of roasted peppers at the store is outrageos-especially when the process is so simple. All you need is your oven, a cookie sheet, and a plastic bag! *See Note Below

Turn your oven on to broil at High heat. Place peppers on a cookie sheet. Use an old one that you don’t care about or line it with aluminum foil because the juices from the peppers ooze out as they roast, turning into a sticky, black mess.

Roasted Red Peppers 1

Broil the peppers until they start to turn black. Rotate the peppers and broil until that side turns black. Continue this process until all sides have been charred. Remove peppers from oven.

Roasted Red Peppers 2

Using tongs or oven mitts place hot peppers in a plastic bag and seal. Let the peppers rest for about 10 minutes. This allows the skin of the peppers to loosen.

Roasted Red Peppers 3

Using your fingers, peel off the skin of the peppers. Be careful as they will still be quite hot. Remove the stem and seeds. Cut in strips or leave whole. I like to leave mine whole and freeze them. Roasted peppers go great in dips (like Roasted Red Pepper Hummus), eggs, enchiladas, and pasta.

Roasted Red Peppers 4

*You can do this over a grill too. Just char the peppers on all sides, then follow the rest of the steps to remove the skins.

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