A Sneak Peek Inside My Pantry

I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. Was it truly life-changing? Sure. It helped me be okay with letting some things go and motivated me to simplify even more than I already had. I consider myself to be a pretty organized person to begin with, but there is always room for improvement! One afternoon I tackled the pantry. I didn’t take any Before pictures, but here is the After.


Because I have a very busy 2 year old who can climb, I had to put the snacks in a basket on the top shelf. Cereal, protein powder, dried fruit, and staples like bread crumbs are on the next shelf down. On the next shelf I keep oils and grains. A few years ago I found the glass canisters at a yard sale for $1 each! They are normally $7 or $8. I keep things like rice, oats, popcorn, and nuts in these air tight jars. On the bottom shelf I keep paper goods and kids’ dishes in the plastic storage totes so my littles can get themselves a drink or help set the table. On the very bottom I keep whole wheat and bread flour in the 5 gallon buckets. To the right are my appliances: bread machine, food processor, Crock Pot, rice cooker, griddle, George Foreman grill, Food Saver, and some odd shaped bakeware. Before I had my cookbooks on a bookshelf in my bedroom upstairs. Not very convenient, but I didn’t have room in the kitchen…until now!

I feel so happy every time I open my pantry doors and see such an organized space. By having ingredients easily visible and accessible, I am less likely to “lose” items in my pantry, and I can see at a glance what needs to be used up before it goes stale.

What are the biggest challenges you face with organization in your kitchen?


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