Favorite Grocery Apps

Here is a list of my favorite grocery apps that help me save time and money.


  1. IbottaThis app is awesome! To date I have earned over $63 in rebates! You unlock rebates on various items, shop, and earn cash back on your purchases by either submitting a receipt or linking your loyalty card account. They have hundreds of rebates each week, and when I couple sales with the rebates I know I am getting a great deal. When you join in June you get an extra $10! Go here to signup.
  2. FlippI just recently discovered this app. It allows you to view weekly circulars and plan your shopping trip. It also matches up coupons with sales (although that feature is not all inclusive). You can print coupons from the app on your computer.
  3. King Soopers-This is my favorite grocery store app. You can save digital coupons to your loyalty card. There is a great mix of Kroger coupons and manufacturer coupons. Plus, King Soopers offers “Best Customer Bonus” coupons that are personalized for you and the items you buy most often. And the icing on the cake is the Free Friday Download. Every Friday you can download a coupon for something free. This week it was a can of Aquafina Sparkling water.


There are several other grocery apps out there, but these are my top 3!

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