Grocery Sales, June 15-21, 2016

King Soopers

Raspberries 6oz. $0.99/each

Large mangoes 2/$0.99

Zucchini or yellow squash $0.99/lb

Cauliflower $0.99/lb

Ranier Cherries and Organic Red Cherries $3.99/lb

New York Strip Steaks $4.88/lb

Country Style Pork Ribs $1.88/lb

Simple Truth Cage Free Eggs 2/$5

Kroger Cottage Cheese 10/$10

Kroger Sour Cream 10/$10

Kroger Sparkling Water 12 pk. 2/$5

La Croix Sparkling Water 12 pk $1.99

Rotel tomatoes 10/$10



Cherries $1.98

Organic Cotton Candy Grapes $2.98/lb

Oranges 2lbs/$1

Whole seedless watermelon $1.98/each

Roma Tomatoes 2lbs/$1

Celery $0.88/bunch

Sunset Snacking Tomatoes $1.88/pkg

Apricots, Nectarines, or Peaches $0.98/lb

Organic Red or Green Seedless Grapes $1.98/lb

Organic Yellow Peaches $1.98/lb

Organic Mini Sweet Peppers $1.98/pt


Frozen Fruit 2/$4

Cage-free or Omega 3 eggs 2/$5

Chia Seeds $2.99/lb

Sunflower Seeds $1.99/lb

72 hour sale

Strawberries $0.98/1 lb package

Red Mangos 3/$1

Thick Sliced Hickory Smoke Bacon $2.99/lb

Pork Tenderloin $2.99/lb

Raw Almonds $3.99/lb

Sprouts Coconut Water $0.99

Dried Cranberries $1.99/lb

Quinoa $1.99/lb



Milk 1.99/gallon

Grape $0.99/lb

Top Sirloin Steak, Petite Sirloin Steak, or Tri Tip Roast $3.99/lb

80% lean ground beef $2.99/lb

Skinless chicken breasts or thighs $1.88/lb

Ribs (prices and selection vary)

Spinach $0.99/bunch

Lettuce $0.99/bunch

Organic Kale $0.99/bunch

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