Challenges to Healthy Eating

cant-cook_0We all know the basics to a healthy diet-limit sugar/fat intake, more fruits and veggies, whole grains instead of refined flours, and lean meats. So why is it so darned hard to feed ourselves and our families healthy food?

For one thing, as a society we’ve forgotten how to cook. The food industry hasn’t helped, providing convenience foods such as cream of something soups and sauces with barely recognizable ingredients.We have become so busy that there is hardly time left to prepare meals. According to Statista Americans spend just under 6 hours a week cooking. In contrast, Indians spend nearly 14 hours on meal preparation!

Not only are a lack of skills and time contributing factors, but budgets are tight. Even if we are able to overcome those obstacles, I am guessing that your latest Kale and Quinoa salad was met with a chorus of groans and dramatic eye rolling.

The purpose of this blog is not to lecture you or set up another unrealistic expectation. Your life is what it is. You are busy, stressed, and stretched to the max. I get that! I want to help you find ways to make cooking healthy meals easier. Each week I will post recipes and menu suggestions based on items that are on sale. I will not be including deals on highly processed food. The lists I make are based on what I really shop for and feed my family. Together we can overcome the challenges to eating and cooking healthy meals!

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