Welcome to Eat. Real. Smart.

Angela blog featured imageI consider myself a foodie, but who doesn’t these days? I was raised in a home where cooking was a way to show love. My grandparents carried on their heritage through recipes handed down through the generations. The act of feeding your family was food for their souls. I have carried on this way of life, and I love cooking for my own husband and three children. I also realize that feeding our families in this generation of processed and artificial foodstuffs is not easy. Add to that the increased demand on our time and general busy-ness and often strained budgets, knowing what and how to cook healthful meals for our family can be downright daunting.

Through the years I learned from my mother how to creatively use what ingredients she had on hand to make delicious and nutritious meals. She clipped coupons and bought sale items each week. Her lessons in frugality have served me and my own family well.

Over the last decade my shopping habits and eating habits have evolved. I clip coupons less, and I buy more fresh produce. I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve for providing fresh, healthy meals all while staying within a budget.

This blog is for anyone who wants to feed their family healthy food without spending a lot of time or money. I will share recipes that use whole food ingredients that are on sale each week.

Let’s get cooking!

One thought on “Welcome to Eat. Real. Smart.

  1. I love you and want to try some of these while serving on this mission. I love the idea….and hope I get to join in when it’s my turn to cook something!!! Thanks Angela!

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